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A group of designers and educators representing design community from India met in New Delhi on February 1st, 2012 for a brain storming session at India’s Planning Commission at the Invitation of The advisor to the Prime Minister on Innovation. The team has been invited to participate in an ambitious plan to expand the design education infrastructure for India. Design with India editor Uday spoke to Amit Gulati, who led Vision First Team’s presentation to the Planning Commission.

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Arguing that innovation from publicly-funded R&D can only become workable solutions for everyday people if designers create systems with compelling human interfaces, Uday discusses the need for MacroDesign in public policy.

MacroDesign for Nation Building

A Bridge to INdia

Balancing regional realities with Glocal aspirations will lead to global solutions.

Designing for a not so flat world

Those who wish to invest in the evolving economy of modern India need to make efforts to understand the Indian mindset, especially the majority of people who live in small towns and villages far removed from the major metropolitan cities.


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What is Design with India?

“Design with India” is a collaborative initiative inspired by the discussions on the online forum, DesignIndia. This forum will continue to organize online and offline discussions that will help expand the understanding of the creative communities around the world about the opportunities and challenges of partnering with the creative individuals and institutions from India.

Globalization is forcing designers to rethink their role in the context of developing world economies, especially in Asia. India's economic potential has long been attracting major international corporations. Recently, attention has shifted to include a greater focus on the immense spending power of India’s rural sector. As global economic partnerships continue to expand and design becomes the driving force behind innovation, so too does the potential for businesses and designers to successfully partner with India. But at what cost?

Designers can take inspiration from the traditions and craftsmanship that are unique to India. They can look to India to understand design innovation from a deeper, more resource driven perspective. However, it is important to interpret India’s identity and traditions from both a local and global perspective in order to simultaneously cultivate and preserve its rich and historic culture.

If you want to announce an event or a project related to design, design research or innovation that involves international partnerships with India , please contact us and we will be glad to provide our platform to you.

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Images from the Pune Design Festival

"The advice for businesses who want to come here is:  come here and leave your mind at home.  Come here with a blank book.  You haven’t written the first chapter.  You’re not in the middle of the book.  And certainly you haven’t written the end.  Come here in humility, ready to learn.  If not, I don’t care how big, and how rich you are, you will not succeed."


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Vision First in India’s Planning Commission

Raoul Schoumaker

Opportunities in India

Best of the West with Wisdom of the East

Aaron Marcus, the President of Aaron Marcus and Associates, Inc., (AM+A), an independent user-experience design, research, and consulting company in Berkeley, California, USA was recently invited to be a Master of the De Tao Masters Academy based in Beijing China (http://www.detaoma.com). He is one of about 100 people selected from North America and Europe to share the “best of the West” with “wisdom of the East,” to combine them in a harmonious approach that can help China improve its nation, culture, economy, and, in Aaron’s case, its approach to user-centered design of products and services for an ever increasing domestic marketplace, as well as, potentially, for global markets.

Aaron spoke to Design with India about his concept of Persuasive Design and his vision for creating East West Collaboration in India. Aaron is seeking partnerships for setting up a Center for  User Experience Design in India.

The objective of a Center of User-Experience Design (CUXD) would be to impart wisdom of user-centered, user-experience development to design, engineering, business, and marketing professionals and students throughout India. The  primary CUXD focus would be to produce computer-based products and services that are more usable, useful, and appealing to domestic as well as global markets. UX development encompasses all of these activities in an iterative process: planning, research, analysis, design, evaluation, implementation (coding or building), documentation, training, and marketing (including brand identity, messaging, and executive marketing presentations. The CUXD would work in all six user-experience spaces identified by AM+A in previous publications.

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